The NGO “Aspazija” is founded with an aim to help people, especially disabled people, to adjust easily to the new conditions, integrate in the society, develop social networking skills and improve the overall quality of life for a person.

The association is networking with other NGOs that give support to low-income families and educates society on different socio – economical aspects. As the young people are the basis of the society further development and integrative part of it, the activities are focused on young people.

As well as people holding master degree in social sciences, who know – how and are willing to give their support. However, our team needs to improve educational skills for working exactly with young people. We acknowledge that educational approach for young people requires the use of new, special, interactive learning methods and appliance of different tools.

We have knowledge and experiences with instruments and approaches to assess and recognize learning. We have learned and know how to give lectures using audio – visuals and handouts, what are strategies for different learning needs, questioning techniques, as well as how to manage participants and what evaluation methods can be used.

We have also taken a course for young teachers  possibilities for understanding a person and its learning styles. However, as mentioned above, there is a need to improve educational skills for working exactly with young people.

The organization was implementing a project, in which environmental factors that impact the society health in Riga city are studied to help people to feel better in the cities’ environment. The project includes not only investigations, but also networking with the society to take into account its opinions and needs. In addition, within the framework of the project educational and information dissemination activities take place.

The relation of organisation to inclusion target groups

As described above, the NGO deals with issues on how to integrate and involve people with fewer opportunities in the active participation in social processes though the ensuring of better environment conditions, communication and networking, as well as providing non-formal learning.

In our team we have both people with disabilities and fewer opportunities, that share they opinions on the main problems.

Our motivation to take part in the projects How organization would benefit from it? Our motivation / idea to plan international projects for people with fewer opportunities

We would like to develop competences for supporting learning of people with fewer opportunities, learn how to assess competences, become familiar with recognition tools, methods and approaches and exchange good practices The seminars for empowered groups on different socio – economical issues, the competence rising would help to make them more fruitful and useful.

International projects for people with fewer opportunities could help to learn the best practice from other countries and adapt them. This could include the sector audit of each participating countries case, identifying strong and weak points, the information on innovations, recognize the best practices and find ways on how to incorporate them in the national system, taking into account also national specifics and limits. It also could help to establish networks between different organizations dealing with the educational issues for long term and sustainable cooperation.

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